Testimonial photo“When Michael and I first started looking into adoption, we knew little to nothing about how it worked. Fortunately we had Susan’s guidance and expertise every step of the way. She was patient with our many questions, and supportive as we navigated the twists and turns of domestic adoption. She encouraged us to listen to our instincts while also inviting us to consider points of view we might have overlooked without her help. In March of 2016 we adopted our beautiful son at birth, and we will always be grateful to Susan for bringing us closer to the best thing that’s ever happened to us!”

– R. & M.


“I’ve known Susan for 16 years. I first contacted her to help navigate the placement of my birth daughter. I was totally confused, not knowing where to start finding myself with an unplanned pregnancy.

Susan educated me on the benefits of open adoption. Through the years she has guided me to calmly maintain my loving relationship with the adopting parents and our daughter.

Thanks to Susan’s sage advise, my birth daughter is a vibrant, happy teenager, with a foundation of respect and stability from all of us in her family.”

– L.B.


testimonial_image_2“We adopted our son when he was three years old. Susan expertly guided us through the emotional and psychological pressures of the adoption process. She kept us calm, focusing on bonding with this little boy who became our son. Susan helped us develop a meaningful and honest relationship with our son’s birth mother during the transition period, especially needed when adopting a toddler. We also used Susan’s skills to hone a thoughtful and sustainable future contact agreement before we brought our son home.

Thanks to Susan’s guidance we look back on this very complicated process of two men building their family through adoption, with the best of memories of the adoption process.”

– R. & M.