Susan Romer, Domestic Adoption, Foster Care & International Adoption Advisor

Are you interested in adoption, but finding yourself overwhelmed with how to start the process, or even if this path is right for you?

home-page-photoI’m Susan Romer, and I am a recently retired adoption lawyer. For nearly 25 years, my passion was helping people to create families, while being sensitive to the needs of women who placed their child for adoption. I loved nothing more than a day in court when a judge pronounced my clients the proud parents of a little boy or girl.

Though I don’t represent clients any longer, I now offer consulting services to people who are exploring the many facets of adoption. Are you considering adopting a newborn? Wondering how open adoption works? Are you interested in knowing about options for foster care? Do you think you may wish to adopt internationally? Or are you not sure if adoption is even right for you?

In my work as an attorney, I found that many people considering adoption were looking for more information before hiring an attorney or agency. They needed help understanding the differences between foster care and private adoption. They wanted to know about international adoption—how it worked and how to choose professionals. They also needed to understand in general terms how to search for a child, bond with a birth mother, and deal with state and private agencies. Often they needed to explore whether adoption was indeed the right choice for them. In some cases, their conclusion was not to go ahead, a decision I always respected.

Now in my capacity as a consultant, it is my desire to help people make the decision to adopt or not based on an in depth understanding of the available options and process. I can help you understand the potential pitfalls and emotional roller coaster adoption can become, as well as the wonderful rewards of seeing the process through to a happy ending.

If you think a consultation with me could be helpful, please review my profile and testimonials and then call or email me to get in touch.


Susan Romer, J.D., Ph.D